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Housing Problem for 50% of International Students

VU International News and Reviews No. 101 November 20 2017

November 2017

HousErasmus, a project-organisation aiming to look at the challenges and best practices around accommodation for international students, has published a HousErasmus+ Research Report report on the alarming housing situation for mobile students in Europe. The report shows that mobile students have a vastly different perception of the problem that universities and housing providers, and that this is an obstacle for improving information to students as well as and for collaboration between stakeholders. Almost half (45%) of students in Erasmus+ study mobility and 56% of those doing traineeships say that the housing market of their host HEI was difficult.

17% of respondents report perceived discrimination when looking for accommodation and 12% of them experienced attempted.

Interestingly enough, in the overview of obstacles reported by returning students after their period abroad, housing is not shown among the major problems, which are language, information and money (extra costs and loss of income).

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