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How Chinese Students Adapt Abroad

VU International News and Reviews No. 119 September 10 2018

July 2019

Educational researchers from Petersburg and Edinburgh have done a comparative study into the personality traits among Chinese students that predict their adaptive capabilities when studying in different countries. The study “The Adaptive Capabilities of Chinese Students Studying In Chinese, British and Russian Universities” involved 224 Chinese 1st year students, studying in China (96), Russia (100), and the UK (28).

Using an adapted Rogers-Dymond Personality questionnaire, they found that irrespective of the country, “openness” and “agreeableness” predicted adaptation to university education. For students in Russia and China, “research potential” also correlated with adaptiveness, whereas for Chinese students in the UK, “neuroticism”, “extraversion” and “conscientiousness” were more relevant. The scholars provide no potential explanation for these differences – like for instance the notion that UK university might demand higher levels of self-expression and individualism.

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