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How diverse is US higher Education?

Aurora Brief Reviews No. 04 February 19 2019

February 2019

The American Council on Education has published an extensive web-based report on Population Trends and Educational Attainment. Based on Census data it looks at the components of U.S. population growth and the subpopulations at the forefront of the nation’s rising educational attainment. Situating students and graduates within the broader U.S. population provides a baseline for assessing changes and disparities in racial and ethnic groups’ rates of postsecondary enrolment, completion, and attainment.

The publication gives a wealth of graphically represented data on educational attainment, minority-serving institutions and how students finance their graduate education.

It would be interesting to compare educational attainment for diverse groups also in Europe, but this might falter that both definitional problems and constitutional/privacy restrictions.

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