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How International is Irish HE?

VU International News and Reviews No. 120 September 24 2018

May 2019

In The Internationalisation of Irish Higher Education, Marie Clark, Linda Hui Yang and David Harmon explored the extent to which Irish tertiary education institutions have become internationalised and the range of strategies and approaches developed to attract and retain international students. The study, a study commissioned by the Irish Higher Education Authority, combines survey data with the views of directors of international offices, faculty and students, and looks at a range of different perspectives, such as curriculum, teaching and learning, and provision of support for international students.

It seems a bit bent on giving good news where – in addition to the undeniable success in international recruitment – it speaks of “success in outward mobility” when in fact it can show no more than the European average. Any assessment of this kind should compare actual achievements against a) the prior situation, b) the goals and ambitions that were set, and c) achievements elsewhere. Showing achievements and progress without these comparisons make nice reading but give little insight.

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