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How to Report on the SDGs?

VU International News and Reviews No. 110 April 9 2018

April 2018

KPMG has published a document “How to report on the SDGs: what good looks like and why it matters”. Although KPMG aims the document at major corporations, showing that already 40% of the 250 largest companies in the world discuss the SDGs in their reports, the KPMG publication is relevant for universities as well.

They summarise their advice on how to report in 9 short questions: Does the ….

  1. Does the report show the business case for taking SDG-action?
  2. Does the CEO talk about the SDGs?
  3. Does the report assess the company’s SDG impact?
  4. Does the report identify SDG priorities for the company?
  5. Does the report explain the method used to prioritize?
  6. Does the report show specific SDG targets?
  7. Does the report disclose SDG performance goals?
  8. Does the report set these SDG performance goals in a SMART way?
  9. report entail indicators to measure progress?

These questions are relevant for societally engaged research universities such as in Aurora quite as much as for big corporations. In addition, wouldn’t it be nice if scholars from relevant Aurora research groups analyse the KPMG approach and give their comments from their own methodological perspective?

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