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How to Teach Computer Science

October 2018

With colleagues, Jenny Carter from the University of Huddersfield has produced a comprehensive (250 p) handbook for academics involved in teaching Computer Science in universities. Even to an ignoramus (like me), it looks like an essential and valuable reference document, bridging the gap between educational theorists without a grasp of Computer Science and academics in the field needing to update their educational expertise.

The book gives a plethora of examples and models from three distinct perspectives:

  • That of learning styles/technologies, addressing i.a. interactive learning in large groups and the use of technology in the class
  • That of teaching in Computer Science, examining specific challenges when educating, e.g. programming or systems modelling
  • That of employability, with projects, mock enterprises and examples how to develop soft skills in the particular Computer Science habitat.

In summary, a valuable asset for the Computer Science departments that take their teaching no less severe than their research.

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