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HSBC: Australia, US and UK most expensive for international students

VU International News and Reviews No. 12 September 3 2013

September 2013

In a recent survey by HSBC’s Wealth Development unit, Australia is the most expensive country for annual students. The sum of fees and living costs add up to 38 516 USD per year. The US and UK follow with 35 705 USD p/a and 30 325 USD p/a. Spain (7 006 USD p/a) and Germany (6 285 USD p/a) are the only continental European countries in the published list. 

As reference, NIBUB estimates annual costs for Dutch students at € 12 672, with tuition fee of € 1 853. With a non-EU tuition fee of ca € 12 000, the total costs in the Netherlands for non EU students would be € 22672 or USD 30 000. 

This places the Netherlands as fourth most expensive study destination, immediately behind the UK. 

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