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Innovation Barriers and Tom Lehrer

VU International News and Reviews No. 99 October 9 2017

October 2017

Using the Elsevier ScienceDirect tool (see below in this Newsletter) offers an abundant yield of scholarly articles on the topic – in a much broader range of Journals than ‘the usual suspects’.

To mention a few: Student learning mobility in the Arab Gulf area, Sustainability-oriented higher education networks, and Barriers and drivers of innovation in higher education: Case study-based evidence across ten European universities.

The last article is a report on an ERASMUS+ project which analysed the impact of innovative modes of higher education provision on the governance and management of higher education institutions. Quoting from the abstract: “Results indicate individual “disengagement” in the relation of higher education institutions and education policymakers, business, and students as well as between higher education institutions’ managers and their subordinates.” In plain English: innovation is difficult because the managers and the academics don’t communicate with each other. It took a lengthy article to explain this, which brings to mind another quote, from Tom Lehrer: ”If people feel that they can’t communicate with each other, the very least they can do is shut up”.

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