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Innovation of Teaching & Learning: EUA Peer Report

VU International News and Reviews No. 103 December 18 2017

December 2018

The EUA has published a report on the work of its Peer Groups on Innovation of Teaching & Learning in 2017.

The four peer groups – which also played an important role at the European Teaching & Learning Forum in Paris (28-29 September 2017) – are:

  • building a link between research and teaching missions of the university
  • empowering students for their future professional life and civic engagement
  • addressing larger and more diverse student bodies ensuring student success
  • fostering engagement in developing L&T.

The report by no means presents final answers to the issues discussed; rather, they aim to provide a basis for further debate. Readers are invited to reflect on what extent the groups’ recommendations apply to their own institutional contexts, which is hoped to provide an impetus for further development of L&T in universities.

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