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Intercultural competence HS The Hague

VU International News and Reviews No. 08 June 17 2013

June 2013

The Hague University of Applied Sciences has published a study into increase in intercultural competence through a period abroad. The study methodology was a refined after an initial pilot study and consisted i.a. of a) an on line questionnaire among case and control students, b) the Intercultural Readiness Check IRC as a validated test, and c) a 360° feedback exercise. The questionnaire and IRC were both conducted before and after the period abroad, the 360° feedback exercise of course only afterwards.
It is salient that the report shows divergent results from the various instruments – increase in intercultural competence shown by questionnaire and 360° feedback exercise and no significant increase shown by the IRC – by the authors apparently do not see this as problematic for their method.
Nevertheless it is an important contribution to the evidence base on mobility and intercultural competence and in this sense it is a pity that the study is published in Dutch.
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