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International Branch Campuses

VU International News and Reviews No. 104 January 15 2018

January 2018

Nigel Healey has written a short overview cum literature review on the management of International Branch Campuses as part of the Encyclopedia of international higher education systems and institutions. He sketches some of the specific challenges for these off-shore campuses, looking at their operating environments, organisational form, and capacity of the home university to manage it at a distance. From the article, and the spreadsheet overview by Cross-Border Education Research Team (C-BERT) to which he refers, it can be seen that the previous growth of IBCs has levelled off in recent years.

In the C-BERT overview, the US understandably leads the pack with 109 IBCs, followed by the UK (45) and France (31). It is noteworthy that China, being one of the major hosts with 44 IBCs, is also increasing in importance as the location of the IBC’s home university: 9 IBCs. India (10) and notably Russia (22) are ahead of China in this respect. The article also lists the  10 IBCs that closed down over the last 20 years: five from the US, three from Australia and one each from the UK and Canada.

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