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International Students: Bleeders? Feeders!

Aurora Brief Reviews No. 11 September 11 2019

September 2019

From ACA Newsletter July 2019

The Coimbra Group (CG) has recently released the Guidelines for Coimbra Group Universities on Safety Protocols for Mobility, which aim to share experiences and best practices among Coimbra Group Universities for ensuring safety during international mobility. However, these guidelines, universal in nature, prove helpful also to other European security-conscious universities. The guidelines define stakeholders, procedures and a communication plan to clarify the roles, duties and responsibilities of stakeholders involved in international mobility and raise awareness of the importance of risk assessment and pre-mobility preparation. The Guidebook is divided into 7 chapters, each of them addressing issues such as crisis communication, safety and security, dealing with emergencies and health issues, and they showcase relevant examples and case studies of various CG Universities.

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