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Iranian Students´ Integration in Western Europe

Aurora Brief Reviews No. 06 March 26 2019

March 2019

This month, the Dutch government has decided to screen students and scholars from Iran. Because of security concerns specifically in high tech areas of science. In this context, it seems relevant to point to a study from 2017 on “Colonized subjects and their emigration experiences. The case of Iranian students and their integration strategies in Western Europe”. The article in Migration Studies 6.1, provides an analysis of  Iranian students’ emigration decisions and their chosen integration strategies into their new host societies (Germany, the Netherlands, and Sweden) through the concepts of ‘colonial mentality’ and ‘Anglo-conformity’. As an exception to the data-based reports in the ABR, the qualitative study is reviewed here because it helps to see Iranian students in Western Europe in a broader light than just that of security risks. The study suggests that emigration is the last step in a lengthy process.


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