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Is Europe passé?

VU International News and Reviews No. 11 August 19 2013

August 2013

In an extensive article, The Chronicle of Higher Education of July 29, Beth McMurtrie describes and analyses the shift of attention at American universities for international links with Pacific Asia and how this creates obstacles for European universities wishing to extend their current ties with US partners. Study abroad programmes to Europe are seen as less transformational experiences that a trip to China. Data from the Web of Science shows that US collaboration with European partners has risen steadily, but collaboration with China has skyrocketed. The Free University in Berlin is quoted in saying that it is now easier to set up a partnership in developing countries than with US partners. The article ends by pointing to the possible solution of forming multilateral partnerships, in which American, European and eg Chinese or Brazilian universities work together to form thematic networks for research on global challenges like aging global population. 

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