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IT: What Students Do, Feel and Like

VU International News and Reviews No. 125 December 03 2018

December 2018

Educause, a US based NGO focused on Higher Education and Information Technology, has published its 2018 ECAR Study of Undergraduate Students and Information Technology. The report is the 15th of its kind, based on responses from 64 000 students from 130 HE institutions 114 in the US). The study gives insight in the experience, behaviour and preference of undergraduate students. The report gives special attention to students who in one way or another belong to a less represented or less advantaged group in Higher Education – it finds that such students feel more dependent on their smartphone, tablet or laptop than white male students do. It also shows that students with physical or learning disability tend to rate their university’s awareness of their needs as ‘poor’. Also remarkable: a majority of students prefers a form of ‘blended’ learning.

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