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Italy Bigger than China – in Holland

Aurora Brief Reviews No. 08 May 31 2019

June 2019

Nuffic has published its 2018-19 report on “Incoming Student Mobility in Dutch Higher Education”. The increase of international students in Dutch Universities and Universities of Applied Science continues with 11,5% against 10,5% the year before; with international Bachelor´s students at research universities outnumbering their peers at applied science institutions for the first time. Master’s have a much more international classroom: almost one in four students is international at Masters at research universities.

At Bachelor’s level, a bit more than one in four of programmes are taught in English (28%); at Master’s level, this is no less than three out of four (76%).

Although the share of Germans among international students has decreased from over 45% to now about 26%, the German student cohort is still five times bigger than either Italians or Chinese, equalling a mid-sized Dutch university with 22584 students.

Interesting enough, Italian students for the first time have replaced Chinese students as the second largest cohort (4814 Italians against 4547 Chinese). Are the Italians simply growing to like Dutch HE a better – or is this an early impact of Brexit?

Although VU has seen a considerable increase in its international student population, still 10 of the 13 research universities in the Netherlands have a higher proportion of international students: only Utrecht and Nijmegen fall behind. Again, work ahead for them and VU.

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