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It’s the Networks, Stupid !!

VU International News and Reviews No. 96 August 28 2017

August 2017

Already in 2016, Francis Collins and colleagues published an article on International Student Mobility and After-Study Lives in Population, Space and Place at Wiley Online Library. They investigate the impact of study abroad rather by tracking and interviewing alumni of an international study rather than following the common pattern of asking students or professionals with a solid stake in the business if they’re happy about what they’re doing.

They subjected the claimed benefits of study abroad to a critical examination by analysing the narratives of alumni who have studied overseas in three leading universities in East Asia – rather than looking at international mobility towards the Anglo-American Higher Education.

They found that international study often does have value in after-study lives, but that this value is highly situated in the networks and spaces that alumni move through and enact. They argue that there is nothing automatic about the portability of overseas education and that there is a need for further research not only into student mobility itself, but even more the ways this unfolds into after-study lives.

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