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LERU publishes recommendations on Marie Curie Action

VU International News and Reviews No. 09 July 1 2013

July 2013

In June 2013, the League of European  Research Universities has published a Note with recommendations on the implementation of this MCA programme within the new H2020 framework. 

LERU welcomes the continuation and simplification of the MCA. It stresses that involvement of non-academic – broader that commercial – parties  is important, but not applicable to all fields and should not be made mandatory. LERU warns against using the MCA for capacity building in less developed parts of the EU. LERU calls for a greater focus on making MCA well known in the private sector. The LERU note ends with specific recommendations for each of the actions: action 1 (early-stage researchers, action 2 (experienced researchers), Action 3 (exchange of staff), and action 4 (cofund) 

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