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Macron Extends La Grande Fosse

Aurora Brief Reviews No. 10 July 08 2019

July 2019

On June 26th, the European Commission published the results of the first Call for European Universities Alliances. For non-European readers – and possibly a few Europeans: The Call for proposals for European Universities (formerly known as the “Macron Initiative” aims for the emergence by 2021 of 24-32 ‘European Universities’ as *) flagships of a internationally competitive European Education Area, *) high quality education and research, *) multilingualism, *) seamlessly recognized student mobility, *) strong links in the teaching-research-knowledge transfer chain.

In this first round, 17 Consortia saw their proposal approved – out of 54 applications. A quick view at distribution shows – no surprise – that Western Europe (!!only three from the UK  -> Brexit scare!!) is overrepresented in memberships and Central-Easter is underrepresented.

This may present a tough problem to the Commission for the second Call: if they allow the unbalance to persist, there will be a legitimate outcry. But if they try to correct the balance, it will distort the level playing field between the two Calls.

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