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Macron Starts his Major HE Reform

VU International News and Reviews No. 102 December 04 2017

December 2017

After a pressure-cooker consultation process from July till October 2017, the French government has published its plans to reform the higher education sector “Plan Étudiants; Accompagner chacun vers la Réussite” (Students’ Plan: guiding all to success). The goal is to address major shortcomings in the system, like lack of matching between vocational education and the labour market, continued ‘social privilege’ in higher education, and low success rates (only 40,1% of students finish their 1st year on time).

The government claims it will invest almost 1 billion euros in its new approach, aspires to build 60 000 more student housing places and do away with the lottery system in access to university.

There is no specific mention of reforms in the Masters or Doctorate cycles of the university.

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