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Measuring Impact of Internationalisation

Aurora Brief Reviews No. 01 January 8 2019

January 2019

In the 4th issue of “Internationalisation of Higher Education”, Uwe Brandenburg has published an article on “Indicators for Measuring Internationalisation”. The article seems to be a follow up to an earlier article from 2015, by Uwe Brandenburg and Lisa Laeber.
The article is useful because of its sharp distinction between internationalisation (as a process to become as international as you want to be) and internationality (as a statement of how international you are at a point in time.
It is also useful because of the distinction between inputs, outputs and impacts. In reversed order: what you hope to achieve, what you need to produce to achieve it, and what you need to do to get there.
What is interesting is that the IMPI toolbox which he refers to as a way forward to a more output/impact-focused approach to international education & research, actually has a very strong focus on input and activity indicators and is much weaker in output-indicators, let alone impact indicators.

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