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Measuring Success: the Good and the Perfect

VU International News and Reviews No. 10 July 15 2013

July 2013

Last week, the intermediate report of the Voluntary Institutional Metrics Project of 18 American HE institutions was published.  

Their new framework urges measurement of five critical issue areas: 

  • Repayment and default rates on student loans — revealing whether students who’ve graduated can get a job that allows them to repay their education loans; 
  • Student progression and completion — showing progress toward and completion of a certificate or degree, including critical momentum points; 
  • Cost per degree — consisting of the costs for an institution to produce a degree; 
  • Employment outcomes for graduates—indicating a student’s ability to find employment and increase earnings after graduation; and 
  • Student learning outcomes—telling how effectively an institution delivers and assesses the learning required for a given credential and facilitates comparisons of various institutions’ credential quality. 

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