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Members’ share in H2020 and GDP

VU International News and Reviews No. 109 March 26 2018

March 2018

According to the EC publication “Horizon 2020 in full swing”, the success of the programme is such that it would have needed another 66 billion euro (in addition to the present budget of almost 80 billion) to fund all proposals that have been assessed as high-quality by independent evaluators.

Almost 60 000 researchers participated in almost 14 000 approved research projects (out of almost 10 times as many applications).

Of all EU member states, the highest H2020 contribution went to Germany followed by the UK, France, Spain, and Italy.

Below the proportion of the H2020 contribution per country is compared to their share in the EU GDP. This goes to show which countries are punching above and below their weight in European Research funding – assumedly because of the quality of their research. Maybe surprising that according to these data, the UK’s share in H2020 is below its share in GDP, while the reverse is true for e.g. Spain and Slovenia.

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