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Mental Health & COVID-19

Aurora Brief Reviews No. 17 July 17 2020

September 2020

The US-based Healthy Minds Network, which runs the Healthy Minds Study (HMS), in collaboration with the American College Health Association, developed a new set of survey items related to students’ experiences with the COVID-19 pandemic. The new survey items focus on students’ attitudes, concerns, preventive behaviours, and their perceived supportiveness of colleges and universities related to COVID-19. These items were fielded to random samples of college students on participating campuses across the United States between March and May 2020. The resulting report “The Impact Of Covid-19 On College Student Well-Being” still, of course, reflects the early stage of the pandemic in the USA. Financial stress, discrimination – but also a supportive attitude from campus and professors – and more difficult access to mental health care stand out among the survey results.

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