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Mental Health Crisis in Graduate HE

VU International News and Reviews No. 108 March 12 2018

March 2018

After an earlier report that four out of ten UK students have mental issues (see VU International News & Reviews 105), now Nature/ biotechnology has published a much broader analysis of the Evidence for a mental health crisis in graduate education. Adding to earlier studies within single universities, the researchers used social media and direct email to survey 2279 graduate students (90% PhD, 10% Master’s) from 234 institutions in 26 countries.

NB Three Aurora universities were part of the study: Aberdeen, Grenoble, and Vrije Universiteit – albeit each with one student.

Their results show that graduate students are more than six times as likely to experience depression and anxiety as compared to the general population. Forty-one per cent of graduate students scored as having moderate to severe anxiety on the GAD07 scale as compared to 6% of the general population.

Of those who suffered from mental health issues, 50% did not feel supported by their supervisor!

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