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Mentoring Through the Glass Ceiling

Aurora Brief Reviews No. 13 April 2 2020

April 2020

Report retrieved with the assistance of René Otten, VU Library

The American National Bureau on Economic Research has published the report of mentoring on the academic careers of female assistant professors in Economics in the US. The article: Can Mentoring Help Female Assistant Professors in Economics reports on a randomised controlled trial with six cohorts of female academic economists with and without a workshop intervention. The trial ran with biannual workshops from 2004 to 2014, within a total of 205 participants selected randomly from pools of (in total 368) eligible applicants. In the workshops, the young economists were mentored by senior female economists and all participants were followed in their career up to 2018 (so from four to fourteen years).
The purpose was to see if the workshop helped to get tenure. It did: the probability of tenure was 14.5% higher than for the control group, tenure at top schools was higher than 57%. Participants in the mentoring workshops also did better in publications and in securing research grants.

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