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Migrants Unskilled? Not

VU International News and Reviews No. 123 November 03 2018

November 2018

Following the earlier “Catching Up” report on the closing of the educational gap between migrants’ children and the domestic-born school population (VU IN&R 117), the OECD has now published a report “Skills on the Move” examining the fact-base of the perception that non-Western migrants are lowly educated and want to stay unemployed – on state support.

The report shows that one-third of those foreign-born in OECD countries have higher education qualifications and less than 25% have only primary education or lower. Most immigrants have jobs – at comparable rates as domestic workers; but over-qualification is much more prevalent among immigrants. Interestingly, the Aurora countries show a relatively large gap in literacy and numeracy between domestics and immigrants (the UK less than the others). The same applies to the difference between domestics and immigrants in problem-solving proficiency, although that gap is smaller across the OECD countries.

The report looks at many other aspects in detail and is a rich source of comparative information on a highly relevant and contentious subject.

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