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Migration resulting from Mobility: Poland

Aurora Brief Reviews No. 13 April 2 2020

April 2020

In an article in Studies in Higher Education (Routledge), Pawel Bryla from Lodz University reports on statistical analyses to find determinants of migration among students with international mobility experience. In his article on International student mobility and subsequent migration: the case of Poland he on his survey with 2450 completed questionnaires. His statistical analysis shows that male graduates from programmes in education are less likely to migrate, whereas studying STEM subject increases that likelihood. Also, the acquisition of foreign language skill and extracurricular activities while abroad enhance migration likelihood. A student who goes abroad for their PhD is even more likely to stay abroad – which makes sense as we note that a PhD usually takes at least three years. It would be useful to have many more statistical analyses on the impact of study abroad on further life choices of graduates.

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