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Migration to OECD countries dominated by the highly education

VU International News and Reviews No. 17 November 11 2013

November 2013

In October, UN/DESA and OECD jointly published a report on global migration patterns. The report shows that about 30% of migrants to OECD countries are highly educated. Of the tertiary educated, one of every nine Africans lived in an OECD country in 2010/11. For Asia, this number is one in 30.

The report shows that this risk of brain drain is more acute in countries with small populations. Biggest destination countries are the USA (45.8 million = 20%), followed by Russia (11 million), Germany (9.8 million).  Saudi Arabia (9.2 million) has more migrants than the UK (7.8) or France (7.5).

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