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Mobility of Researchers? Good Idea!

VU International News and Reviews No. 109 March 26 2018

March 2018

The European Commission has published a “Study on Fostering Industrial Talents in Research at European Level”, commissioned to Marc Whittle of the Centre for Strategy & Evaluation Services. The study looked at intersectoral mobility of researchers (i.e. between academia and industry). Although the prime aim of the study was to take stock of the situation, it did also come up with an overall appraisal of the situation and some recommendations.

The appraisal is that intersectoral mobility is good for researchers, industry and the (semi) public sector alike and that there is not enough of it.

The recommendation is that the European Commission should do something about it: take the lead and ensure that the topic is ‘mainstreamed’ as a horizontal priority in FP9, as well as being funded vertically in FP9 through specific calls.

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