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MOOC Completion Rates

VU International News and Reviews No. 01 March 11 2013

March 2013

While Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) may allow free education on an enormous scale, one of the biggest criticisms raised about MOOCs is that although thousands enrol for courses, a very small proportion actually complete the course. The release of information about enrollment and completion rates from MOOCs appears to be ad hoc at the moment – that is, official statistics are not published for every course. Available now on the web: visualised data which draws together information about enrollment numbers and completion rates from across online news stories and blogs.
PB Kees Kouwenaar: during our recent visit to Boston, Anton Hemerijck and I spoke with 2 Harvard professors about their ExX MOOC in biostatistics. They stated that out of 28.000 students who participated in at least one part of their MOOC, 8.000 completed the final exam of which 5.000 passed: a success rate of ca 18%.

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