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Neth-er seminar to get EU funds for University-Industry cooperation

VU International News and Reviews No. 21 January 20 2014

January 2014

As part of the new Erasmus+ programme, the European Commission will support so-called Knowledge Alliances and Sector Skills Alliances.

Knowledge Alliances are alliances between (higher) education institutions and enterprises to foster i.a. innovation and knowledge exchange. Sector Skills Alliances are intended to support the design and delivery of joint vocational training curricula, responding to sector specific trends and providing field specific professional skills. Such Alliances existed already as pilots in the Lifelong Learning Programme. The EC envisions now to fund nearly 300 Knowledge Alliances and Sector Skills Alliances in ERASMUS, involving 3500 education institutions and enterprises.

Neth-er will organise a seminar in Bruxelles on these Alliances on February 5

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