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New EU Digital Education action plan

VU International News and Reviews No. 106 February 12 2018

February 2018

By Silvester Draaijer

On January 17, the European Commission has issued its “Digital Education Action Plan”, a follow up of EU plans of 2013 “Opening up Education”, in the field of digital education. The plan covers various ICT related themes and areas of education from primary education up to University education. The European Commission tries to accelerate developments and dissemination of best practices and innovation at a European level.

The plan is ambitious but the European Universities Association (EUA) also identifies omissions and vagueness in its Response. The EUA urges the Commission to be more specific on a proposed Europe-wide platform for digital higher education and about connecting information systems. Also, there is a lack of recognition of skills for European citizens deriving from the social sciences and humanities. The Commission is currently talking to stakeholders in EU member states on the follow-up of the Erasmus and H2020 support schemes and the new plans to realize the goals put forward in the action plan.

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