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“No confidence” in NYU president

VU International News and Reviews No. 02 March 25 2013

March 2013

Earlier this month, 569 of the 682 full-time tenured and tenure-track faculty members in NYU’s College of Arts and Sciences voted on the statement “The Faculty of Arts and Science has no confidence in John Sexton’s leadership.” Of those who voted, 52 percent agreed with the statement. Thirty-nine percent of voters disagreed, and 8 percent voted but abstained from expressing agreement or disagreement.
As InsideHigherEd reports, the vote was triggered by a controversial expansion plan in Greenwich Village, but underlying discontent also relates to faculty feeling increasingly at distance from the strategy and decision making process at NYU. As one of the more critical professors stated: “The fact is we see NYU as a school, we see our mission as educational. Sexton and the trustees who support him view NYU as a bundle of assets (…)  they will apparently do anything to maximize on paper. We believe that this approach is destroying this university.”

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