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Note from the Editor: Current research on internationalisation??

VU International News and Reviews No. 96 August 28 2017

August 2017

Regular readers will know that this News & Reviews is filled with short references to evidence-based reports and studies on all aspects of the internationalisation of the life of HE institutions. Opinion articles are usually not taken up in this publication; nor are journal articles that are not much more than a reflective description of a limited number of cases.

The most regular sources are the broad Newsletters and other existing dissemination media relevant to international Higher Education.

Over the past months, the number of entries under the headings of “Preparing our students for the global world” (~ student mobility etc.) and “Comprehensive Internationalisation” ( = looking beyond mere mobility) have been fewer and fewer.

This is not a reflection of a shift in attention from your editor. It is rather a reflection of the lack of reports in dedicated internationalisation media that are evidence-based enough for the taste of your editor.

Dissatisfied with this development, for this issue we have searched Google Scholar for “international student recruitment” and “international student mobility”.  The yield was promising, as can been seen from this issue – but from other sources, not dedicated to the internationalisation of higher education. Next issues may show the results for similar searches on “Transnational education” or “international curriculum” etc.

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