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Note From The Editor: Entitativity

VU International News and Reviews No. 106 February 12 2018

February 2018

At the VU conference on Superdiversity and Higher Education, I learned a new word: entitativity.

Entitativity refers to our growing tendency to see others as part of a different group: different and threatening.

This may trigger us to ask ourselves some challenging questions about ‘entitativity’ in our own universities.

Do we also see this effect among the diverse groups of students within our academic communities? Do students with distinct backgrounds – in social, economic, national, cultural, or other senses – tend to communicate almost exclusively with ‘their own’? Also in class and in academic work?

If so, do we allow our students to stay within their respective entitativity bubbles, from which they see other students as different, strange and threatening?

Do our universities do enough to help out students break out of their bubbles? Can universities in a high trust network like Aurora learn from each other’s’ best practices – and mistakes and mishaps?

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