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Note From the Editor: Give me a break

Aurora Brief Reviews No. 16 June 31 2020

September 2020

More square meters per working spot are being made at the office to accommodate the corona safety policy. Also, there is increasing pressure to reduce traffic for sustainability reasons.
With both spouses working and through-the-roof housing prices in densely populated areas, many of us prefer to work close to the university.
Working at home is only part of the solution. Not all of us have ideal working conditions at home (space, kids bandwidth). The majority of us benefit from the small talk at the coffee machine or someone next room to say “This just happened to me!!!”.
Why not create local branch offices in places where several of your university’s staff – academic and support – happen to live? Why not a VU office space in cities like Utrecht, Haarlem, or Voorschoten? Close by enough to walk to or go by bike. And who knows, the next step might be some facilities for commuting students as well.

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