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Note From the editor: Patents for Society

VU International News and Reviews No. 103 December 18 2017

December 2017

Students at a Technical University in the Netherlands have developed an electric car with huge potential in terms of battery life and mileage. But the real innovation is their business model: they will make it available only for not-for-profit crowd-sharing use.
Thus, they not only profess but actually implement the practice of research and innovation for societal benefit, for the public good. What could engaged research universities – dedicated to difference – such as the members of the Aurora network learn or emulate from this example from Eindhoven?
Is it conceivable to set up a model agreement between the university and its researchers, that patentable inventions and scientific discoveries made in that university will only be disseminated and put to practice in a not-for-profit, ‘doing business to make human life better’ kind of way?
Such an agreement would not by definition have to be obligatory for all scholars in the university. Maybe it could start as a voluntary endeavour?

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