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Note from the Editor: Values to celebrate or to aspire

VU International News and Reviews No. 121 October 08 2018

October 2018

At this year’s EAIE conference, a lot of attention was given to the EAIE values that have been articulated over de past years and are now celebrated – at the conference and in other places. The EAIE values: Collaborative, Inspiring, Inclusive, Excellent – are indeed beautiful and vital measures. But they made me think a bit about how values as these to work in daily life:

  1. Are your organisational values the things that as an organisation you’ll always explain that you are already doing: “look how collaborative, inspiring, inclusive, excellent we are”?
  2. Are they the mirrors to keep you well aware that there is always room for improvement: “We say (and believe) we are collaborative, inspiring, inclusive, excellent, but let’s keep checking if we are always living up to our expectations”.
  3. Or are your organisational values your aspirations, your beacons in the distance: “We know we’re not nearly as collaborative, inspiring, inclusive or excellent as we want to be. That is why we call these are values because they set our goals of what we want to become.”

I am a devoted EAIE member – and have been since its foundation in 1989. I hope, and I want to believe that our EAIE values are a combination of option 2 and 3, rather than an expression of choice 1.

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