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Note: Shared Aspirations in Research

Aurora Brief Reviews No. 02 January 22 2019

January 2019

In the Aurora Universities Network, both the vice rectors education and the vice rectors research have started to meet as a group to discuss shared concerns and/or aspirations as a basis to learn from and with each other. Let me use this platform to express some of the shared aspirations which I see developing in the VR research group and which we may see developing in the near future:

  • To make our universities a really outstanding environment for early research professionals (PhD and post-doc, where they have a really outstanding start of their career
  • To enhance the focus on – and appreciation for – research in our universities that is truly contributing to resolve major societal challenges (globally or locally): the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • To help our researchers to be as successful as possible in competitive external research funding, whether national, European on private.
  • To make our universities leaders in Open Science
  • To make our universities standing out in the number and quality of world class research infrastructure – whether physical or virtual.
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