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OECD TALIS 2018: Analysing the Teaching Profession

Aurora Brief Reviews No. 14 April 17 2020

May 2020

Based on the OECD Teaching and Learning International Survey TALIS 2018, OECD director for Education & Skills Andreas Schleicher has published a thorough 73 pages of TALIS 2018 Insights and Interpretations. The document looks at a wide variety of aspects of the teaching profession and what makes for good teachers. It looks at societal appreciation (financially and otherwise), level of education, professional development, levels of responsibility & autonomy, and the time actually spent on teaching. This offers a unique opportunity to study correlations between the overall performance of the education system and these various characteristics analysed in TALIS 2018. Interesting to note that the Czech teachers are above OECD average in everything except salary and in some countries that score well in PISA, teachers have lower HE levels – but high autonomy and responsibility (Iceland, Denmark, Netherlands).

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