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OECD: The state of Higher Education

VU International News and Reviews No. 20 January 6 2014

January 2014

As an additional service to its IMHE members, OECD has brought together relevant HE information from various sources in this new publication. 

Among the salient points:  

  • HE may yield considerable public and private returns on investment, but not for drop outs. 
  • HE also leads to significantly better health, longer and more enjoyable life life,  less crime, more social engagement, and more democracy. 
  • HE institutions can do more to enhance employability of graduates. 
  • Existing quality assurance mechanisms still generally fail to measure education outcomes and impacts; the AHELO feasibility study attempted to fill this need, but was faced with many difficulties. 

The publication also contains a number of opiniating articles, on HE finance, quality assurance, internationalisation, new HE providers 

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