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VU International News and Reviews No. 02 March 25 2013

March 2013

On March 19, SUNY publishes a press release stating that its Board of Trustees today outlined the implementation of Open SUNY, which will bring all online courses offered at each of the system’s 64 campuses onto a shared and comprehensive online environment, making them accessible to all of the system’s 468,000 students and 88,000 faculty.
Open SUNY will be the largest online learning environment in the world,” said SUNY Chancellor Nancy L. Zimpher. It will offer SUNY students unprecedented access to faculty expertise and course availability, significantly increasing their opportunities for timely degree completion and success both in school and after graduation.
More than 86,000 SUNY students registered for at least one online course in 2012. SUNY estimates that Open SUNY will add 100,000 degree-seeking students to the enrollment total within three years, and that it will contribute to the feasibility of three-year undergraduate degree programs and five-year graduate degree programs.

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