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Aurora Brief Reviews No. 03 February 5 2019

February 2019

Last November, cOALITION S, the group of national research funding organisations that joined forces to boost Open Access and Open Science, published its “Guidance” document showing which approaches to Open Access do and do not comply with their Plan S. “permanent open access with proper attribution of authorship” is the fundamental principle. In a recent consultation meeting in the Netherlands, there were interesting showcases of Open Access in practice – as well as emotional rather than rational attacks on the Plan S. SciPost is one interesting example, focusing on Physics. It positions itself as a purely online open portal, managed by scientists, using editor-solicited and contributed reviews, high standard referring and allowing seamless comment on all existing literature. The Open Library of Humanities is another example, catering to the specific conditions of Humanities research, with less external grants, which makes a Library Partnership Subsidy model more appropriate. It is home to currently 24 Journals, ranging from Architecture through Phonology to Quaker studies.

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