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Practical pRevention of Plagiarism

VU International News and Reviews No. 118 August 27 2018

July 2019

John Dawes from the University of South Australia noted that plagiarism is endemic among students (with an estimate of 60% in the US), but also that the educational no-cheating experts and subject specialist academics don’t really speak the same language. To help address this, he published a concise 17 page list of 14 recommendations “Practical prevention of Plagiarism for University faculty & management – 14 tactics” on the SSRN-platform.

Some of them are simple and maybe obvious to some: “If you make ‘originality’ a formal criterion, you can always use that to downgrade papers that look suspiciously like content found on the internet.” Others require some savviness with digital learning platforms: require students to work in shareable documents, where they know their professor can see their work-in-progress.

Anyway, it seems like a useful checking list: even if the majority of your faculty already applies most tactics, it might help to bring straggling  minority on board as well.

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