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Practical tool to prepare students for study abroad

VU International News and Reviews No. 17 November 11 2013

November 2013

The Haagse Hogeschool has constructed a 2-3 day preparation course to help students make the most of their study or internship abroad.

The Preparation for Foreign Learning Experience PREFLEX offers a structured curriculum with students’ guide and teachers’ guide explaining key components of intercultural differences in dealing with time, hierarchy, groups vs. individuals, and nonverbal communication. It offers students a tool to set and monitor their objectives while a broad, in academic, social, personal, and professional  aspects through the whole process from pre-departure, through the various stages of cultural adaption while abroad, to post departure reflection. PREFLEX also contains a structured tool for observation and reflection in the Reflection Paper.

Note: the PREFLEX could further gain in strength if it would contain more real life examples in addition to the theoretical descriptions.

Students’ guide and teachers’ guide available through

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