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Prepare for Test? Yes, you can

VU International News and Reviews No. 122 October 22 2018

October 2018

Scholars from Georgia State and Clemson University in the USA have constructed and tested a functional model of factors that help prepare for the SAT: The Scholastic Aptitude Test operated by the College Board. In their article “Preparing for High-Stakes Admissions Tests: A Moderation Mediation Analysis” in International Research in Higher Education their analysis concerning almost 2000 US high school students shows that early start of test preparation, a balance between group and individual tutoring and using official SAT test material helped to achieve better scores. But also the socioeconomic status and the discipline in doing homework (surprise surprise) correlates with better scores.

The article offers further building blocks in the continuing discussion whether ‘aptitude’ tests (designed to test innate ability) should and could be designed to defy impact of preparation.

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