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Prepared To Host Refugee Scholars

Aurora Brief Reviews No. 10 July 08 2019

July 2019

Contribution by Marinus Kool, VU Amsterdam

The Erasmus+ funded project Supporting University Communities pathways for Refugee migrants (SUCRE, 2016 – 2018) has been completed with the publication of 3 reports concerning access to higher education for refugee students and refugee scholars and a number of training modules on legal, health and psycho social support. The report Institutional Support to Refugee Scholars was developed by Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (lead) and the University of Cologne in Germany. Three surveys directed (mainly) at universities in North-West Europe were conducted amongst refugee scholars, their academic mentors and university officers dealing with scholars, while also a limited number of respondents was interviewed. The report contains a large number of respondents’ quotes from 60 universities, 67 scholars and 39 academic mentors. The report shows that most universities are willing and almost always well prepared to host scholars. More attention is required for scholars’ job-perspectives after a hosting period, and a lot more attention is required for the needs of their families concerning language, social integration and psych-social support. The report offers a rich mine of good practice cases from what seems a sample of engaged universities in (mainly) North-West Europe.

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