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Prepublication Disclosure: When? Why?

VU International News and Reviews No. 113 May 21 2018

August 2019

In an article Science Advances, an offspring of Science, researchers from the US and Germany have published an article on the forbidding title Prepublication disclosure of scientific results: Norms, competition, and commercial orientation. On the basis of a survey of 7103 active faculty researchers in nine fields, they have examined the extent to which scientists disclose prepublication results, and when they do, why? They found that in 7 out of 9 fields, more scientists disclose results before publication than not, but there is significant variation in their reasons to disclose, in the frequency of such disclosure, and in withholding crucial results when making public presentations. A probability model shows that 70% of field variation in disclosure is related to differences in beliefs about norms, competition, and commercialisation.

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