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Refugees in German Higher Education

Aurora Brief Reviews No. 05 March 11 2019

March 2019

As a follow up to the first INTEGRA report (discussed in VU IN&R 108 of March 2018), the DAAD has published a second INTEGRA Report on “Study Preparation and Transition into Regular Degree Programmes”. The report analyses statistical data to establish the impact of preparatory measures for the 10404 refugee students who participated in the INTEGRA programme together with answers to an online survey among 5846 students (of which 1580 responded).

Although the report contains a wealth of data, the information would have become more meaningful if it would have included more comparisons:

  • How are these refugee students doing in contrast to German students and is this gradually getting better – or worse?
  • How are refugee students in Germany (supported by the Integra programme) doing in comparison to refugee students in other European countries (with other or (no) support programmes)?
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